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Open Call Off-Stage Program on the festival ground

8. Hildesheimer Wallungen

The great festival of culture from 30th of June to 2nd of July 2023

Call for artistic contributions!

Application Deadline is the 6th of February

(Attention: This is the Open Call for the off-stage program, you can find the open call for the stage program here.)

At the Hildesheim Wallungen, cultural creativity is presented in an open air and historical landscape. The festival plays on ramparts, churches, stages, lakes and paths and is setting unseen places into the spotlight. A varied program of music, theatre, literature, media, performance, installations and walk-acts invites visitors to discover the festival. Main organiser is the Interessengemeinschaft Kultur (IQ), a local network of art and culture professionals.

The 8th Hildesheimer Wallungen will take place from the 30th June to 2nd of July 2023. The presentation of the regional cultural scene is once again the main focus. Supraregional programs and artistic interventions enrich the long festival weekend. In addition, there will be a festival pre-week for the first time from the 26th to the 29th of June 2023, with various artistic interventions spread throughout the city. Furthermore, discourse and mediation formats will give the possibility to engage more intensively with the framework conditions of art and culture.

Another new feature is the international residency program in cooperation with PENGO Germany e.V.. Artists from East and West Africa are invited to work in Hildesheim in June 2023. Here, the exchange with the local cultural scene as well as the confrontation with the city and the district play an important role. Finally, the international guests and their art will become part of the festival weekend.

Schedule of the Hildesheimer Wallungen 2023:

  • Pre-week 26.06.-29.06.2023: In the week leading up to the festival weekend, there will be various artistic interventions spread throughout the city. In addition, there will be discourse and mediation formats.
  • Friday, 30.06.2023: On Friday evening, the Wallungen will be having their big opening with a international stage program.
  • Saturday, 01.07.2023: On Saturday afternoon the festival invites visitors to discover various stage programs, stalls and off-stage events happening all over the festival ground. At 11 pm, “the Quiet Night of Culture” begins with intimate concerts and luminous encounters.
  • Sunday, 02.07.2023: A colourful program for all generations starts on Sunday morning. Many activities are especially suitable for families with children. Main topic here is: Culture and picnic!

The program of the Hildesheimer Wallungen is divided into a stage program and an off-stage program, which is widely spread on the festival ground. The off-stage program takes place everywhere on the festival ground. It includes fixed stations and mobile activities, with a focus on installations, walkacts, light art, media and participatory activities. Various institutions, associations and initiatives can also present themselves as part of the program. Since 2019, it has been possible for hosts to design their own space on the festival grounds, with or without their own program.

The stage program takes place on several large and small open-air stages. So far, the focus has been on music, theater, cabaret, performance and literature. Since 2021, there has been a separate theater stage, which is managed by the Theaterhaus Hildesheim.

If you would like to apply for the off-stage program, this is the right place to do so.

Contributions wanted for the off-stage program!

We are looking for artistic contributions and participatory offers for the festival program. Furthermore, we would like to give institutions, associations and groups the freedom to design their own places on the festival grounds as hosts.

Artistic contributions and hands-on activities: You want to make an installation, offer a workshop or show a film on the festival site and need a location for it. You would like to be on the road as a walk-act or have a mobile action, such as an audio walk. Your contributions can be interactive or created together with the visitors.

Hosts creating places (with or without a program): You would like to design your own place on the festival grounds with your association or company, your institution, initiative or flat-sharing community. You would like to inform the visitors about your work, goals or topics. You can bring your own program or provide the framework for our program. The focus is on creating an atmospheric place and inviting visitors to discover and linger.

What do you get from us?

  • We provide an exuberant and inspiring open-air atmosphere at the biggest festival of culture in Hildesheim.
  • You have the opportunity to network with other regional and national artists and musicians.
  • You can perform and exhibit in front of a wide audience.

What do we need from you?

  • You have a performance, an installation or a reading format that you can show as part of the Wallungen.
  • You are mobile on the paths and can realise your production on the grounds.
  • You have a program that invites participation, that can be created with the audience.
  • Your program is suitable for open air and you have a plan B in case of rain.
  • You want to inform people about your work.
  • You are also interested in taking part in the festival pre-week’s program and would like to show your (short) film, performance or exhibition.
  • You can imagine being a host and providing venues for artistic programs.
  • You can manage with minimal technical equipment and set it up on on your own. We can provide you with the basics such as electricity and possibly spotlights, but you have to take care of everything else.
  • You have no problem with uneven ground, wet grass or sloping surfaces.
  • You are in a band and want to try out alternative concert formats that can take place away from the stage.

The deadline for applications is 06 February 2023.

Please fill out this web form by then.

We want to take part!

additional materials to be submitted:

We need the following conditions at the performance location: